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Model XL-EVO has the difficult task to complete the already comprehensive Z-GUN range dedicated to competitions. An objective that can be considered  achieved if we think that not only does XL-EVO…

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Zoli, have spent two years developing a brand new ladies’ shotgun, the highly-anticipated Z-Bella. Specially designed to meet the requirements of the female form, the gun is carefully embellished with eye-catching Swarovski crystals.…

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Pernice Engraving

The engraving creation for the Pernice, a true round body Boss action over and under shotgun, was born from a collaboration between Zoli and Bottega Incisioni, the world renown engraving…

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New Z-Gun engraving

New Z-GUN engraving

We are pleased to present an all new engraving design for the Z Sport incorporating fresh techniques and new talent. Our dedicated engravers have created a new pattern which reflects the high…

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New Pernice Round Body

Zoli Co. is proud to present the new line of O/U game shotguns reflecting the most classic tradition. Pernice combines the perfect synthesis of elegance and style with state-of-the-art game gun technology Pernice…

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Shotguns Zoli vanguard systems

Zoli “Classic Revolution”

“Classic Revolution” is the name of a challenging, rigorous and uncompromised project ZOLI embraced a few years ago. In this section you will learn about the most important technical features…

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